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Here's all of the old news from the old site.

6/19/2006; 11:20PM- As
promised I have put up the new tutorials--optimizing video performance and how to build a rollercoaster--so head on over to the tutorials page and get tutored. I have also reformatted the pools tutorial. Let's see what all I accomplished today--oh, yes, now I remember! I cleaned up this page so you can tell text from hyperlinks, created new tutorials, leaned up other tutorials, and cleaned up tutorial list. I think that's enough for one day.
6/14/2006; 6:28PM- Well, I haven't forgotten about this site I just haven't had much time for it. I will be adding a new tutorial pretty soon about how to build rollercoasters so look forward to that. I am also working on some more tutorials but there is really nothing motivating me to do it.
5/29/2006; 10:59AM- Sorry for the downtime for the past few days. My Internet connection was down.
5/19/2006; 11:38AM- The bulletin board has successfully been upgraded and greatly improved. It now has a blog system, a rating system, a rewards system, an arcade (you must have atleast five posts to play a game), and much more so please register today.
5/12/2006; 5:55PM- I decided to move forward on upgrading the forums. It will be down for about five hours.
5/9/2006; 6:57PM- I plan on taking the forums offline sometime between May 26 and June 4 to upgrade them to the latest version and fix various errors and issues (registration gives an error, the bot gives errors whenever you post a reply or new topic in the bot forum). I never did change out the icons so I will try to do that to. I will update this as soon as the "transformation" is completed.
3/19/2006; 12:14PM- My new blog is up! Hopefully I will remember to post on it each day.
3/11/2006; 2:57AM- Here's my to-do list:
  • Create a repository for the old site news.
  • Done!!!--->Work on new skin.
  • Install a portal to integrate everything together and make it easier to upload/dowload stuff.
  • Done!!!--->Get Internet connection fixed so others can view my site.
  • Done!!!--->Improve RCT3 FAQs and add RCT1 and RCT2 FAQs.
  • Get more reliable server.
  • Make parks and rides to put in exchange.
  • Make new head images for various holidays and events.
  • And, of course, work on everything in general.
3/11/2006; 2:42AM- I have been working on a new theme for the site. Click here to see my
latest progress on it
3/10/2006; 11:35PM- I am working on a new theme for the site. It will be a clone of the skin of the real RCT3 game.
3/9/2006; 6:25PM- I apoligize for the downtime from this evening to 3/11. This is due to a lightning strike that has disabled my Internet connection. The Bellsouth line technician will be out here on 3/11 to hopefully resolve the problem.
3/3/2006; 10:25AM- I noticed that while I am logged in to the forums the posts don't show up correctly (they work when I am logged out). I am going to be investigating this (it could just be this school computer not doing stuff right or something) when I get home.
2/28/2006; 8:58PM- The server will be down for maintenance this weekend. I will be running MemTest86+ to test out the memory since I think it is what is causing the random crashes and random closing of services.

Also, the server is scheduled to reboot at 6:30AM CST on Monday through Friday for the next few weeks to ensure proper operation of the following programs that are essential to the operation of the server: apache2, mysql, php, awstats, perl, and cerberus ftp. If the rebooting causes problems with the server please report them to me via an email to pvcsnathan©
2/17/2006; 11:55PM- Things I have accomplished today:

  • Updated Park/Ride Exchange pages for easier viewing by those with screen resolutions of less than 1280x1024.
  • Finished updating the RCT1, 2, and 3 pages.
  • Attempted to change server over to Linux. Unsuccessful because I couldn't get Server Side Includes to work. I guess I'll try again tomorrow.
  • Ensured that proper credit is given to authors of programs in download section.
  • Attempted to fix the server's "crashing problem."

Please note that the site may be off and on for the next few days (depends on how much I want to mess with Ubuntu).

Oh, and one more thing. The official site font is "Comic Sans MS." If you do not have this font installed on your system, your experience with the site may not be so good since your system will revert to some other font which the background and tables are not designed to work with.

If you would like to submit a ride or park to the ride exchange please feel free to do so. If you would like to include pictures and details about yourself it would be wise to put your picture(s) and park(s) and/or ride(s) on these forums as attachments. Please post in the appropriate forum. Once submitted by you, I will put it on the ride exchange so other can download it. Btw, does anybody know of a good, free file database that will allow anybody to upload stuff to it and put it up for download without the admin having to do anything? If you do please tell me about it.
2/15/2006; 9:15PM- I have been working on installing Ubuntu (a linux distro) on the server (it is currently running Windows XP). I am having trouble installing Apache (I don't know how to build or extract) so the outlook is grim. I will have it done some time this week, hopefully. There will be more outages of the site off and on until I complete the "upgrade."
2/4/2006; 3:00PM- I have redesigned the RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 downloads page. Take a look. I will be working on implementing the new design on the RCT2 and 3 downloads pages when I have extra time.
2/3/2006; 6:24PM- I'm sorry for the down time that was experienced off and on during the past week. I have been trying to find the driver that is causing my server to crash randomly. I don't know if I have it fixed yet so please bear with me as I do troubleshooting steps. If there is an outage, the site is usually back up in just a few minutes so please try back if it doesn't work the first time.
2/3/2006; 6:18PM- I've been working on the front page and I am hoping to add some new features to it and the rest of the site. These features will be implemented soon.
1/17/2006; 7:46PM- I'm thinking about changing the download system to something a whole lot better. I want peeps to be able to upload their rides and parks and have them appear instantly instead of me having to mess with them and put them up manually. I'm still working on finding
something that will perform this function for free. I'm looking at pafiledb but it really doesn't suit my needs.
1/9/2006; 5:00PM- It's only about a month to my birthday so I have made a birthday list.
1/9/2006; 4:55PM- I found the background annoying since it was making some of the words hard to read so I darkened it until I was able to see all of the words clearly.
1/7/2006; 4:25PM- I have added a tutorials section. This section is in beta (that means that I am trying it out and building the tutorials for you to use. I have made a billboards tutorial and placed it on the page. Your comments are welcomed so please post in the suggestions area of the forums if you have any comments or suggestions.
12/28/2005; 8:15PM- I was bored so I added an arcade. Enjoy!
12/26/2005; 3:42PM- There is now a New Year holiday header at the top of each page. I've made it so that when you click on the image you will be taken back to the index (this page). I am working on moving the site to a different computer so I can work on the current one for a while. I am having trouble with the Window 98 os that's on the one I want to move to so I might have to convert it to Linux. Hopefully I will have it functioning the way I want it to before the new year comes.
12/22/2005; 12:31AM- The RCT3 FAQs page has been updated for Wild! and has been reformatted to make it easier to find the question you need answered. Remember if you have any suggestions all you have to do is post in the suggestions area of the forums.
12/18/2005; 11:03AM- I've changed the background of the entire site, upgraded the styles to external style sheets, and am now using Server Side Includes (SSIs) for the menu. I have also upgraded apache, mysql, and phpmyadmin to the latest versions.
12/10/2005; 5:10PM- I am going to open the ftp server back up here in a few minutes. Now you can once again download the files that you want with the ability to resume a disrupted download, view the size before downloading, give a permalink of your favorite utilities out to others, and see your favorite rides and parks from the RCT Exchange up for download. Click here to use the ftp server.
12/10/2005; 4:55PM- I finally got around to making an animated gif for the top of all the pages. I hope you like the flashy light. I've also
improved the RCT Ride Exchange by adding the appropriate tables to hold the statistics of rides and parks and implemented a RCT1 and 2 exchange in addition to the original RCT3 exchange.

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pvcsnathan on 07/17/06 - 10:09

I'm gonna have to quit doing html-tidy in html-kit so this stuff will look right.

pvcsnathan on 11/18/06 - 09:46

I finally fixed this. Doesn't it look better now?

RAZGRIZ10000 on 02/27/08 - 22:12

talking to self are we?

pvcsnathan on 02/28/08 - 19:52

Yes, it does seem that way most of the time.

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