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Theme Park inc's Paradise Shores Boardwalk

This is a huge boardwalk with a peir. Each restraunt has a name and stuff inside (these are inside of buildings). One of the coasters called Spitfire was downloaded from Beware, this park uses over 300mb of memory when running.
Submitted by RAZGRIZ10000

Theme Park Inc.'s Paradise Shores Boardwalk

posted by pvcsnathan in Misc on 02/13/07 - 21:25 | Comments: 3 | printer friendly LAN_NEWS_24


RAZGRIZ10000 on 02/13/07 - 21:26

really it uses 300 mb while running COOL the laggest non 28000 peep park YAY

pvcsnathan on 02/13/07 - 22:00

It's not too bad in the lag department.

RAZGRIZ10000 on 02/13/07 - 22:25

why another 7

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