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Park, Custom Scenery, and Ride Downloads Updated with Screenshots and Game Requirements...

All RCT3 park downloads now have screenshots and the version of the game you need to use the download. When I have more free time, I will do the same for the rides and other things in all categories.
posted by pvcsnathan in Dev/Bugs on 03/10/07 - 22:16 | Comments: 8 | printer friendly LAN_NEWS_24


RAZGRIZ10000 on 03/11/07 - 22:24

ok nice

RAZGRIZ10000 on 03/20/07 - 22:07

there not all updated now

pvcsnathan on 03/20/07 - 22:08

As some people would say, "I ain't got time!"

RAZGRIZ10000 on 03/20/07 - 22:10

hey what wa was that directed to me i hate texan culture nuff i like BALL STATE IN INDIANA nuff said

pvcsnathan on 03/20/07 - 22:11


RAZGRIZ10000 on 03/20/07 - 22:13

ain't is not a word yall is not a word yall was is not a sentence and i dont like the fact that everyone tghinks ALL texans speak like that when i sit here hateing it when people say that and make a point to speak english except when typeing the n i dont care about grammer as you acn seee see

pvcsnathan on 03/20/07 - 22:46

"I ain't got time" is a general phrase used at my school meaning the person using it doesn't have enough time to do something or is tired of a mundane task.

RAZGRIZ10000 on 03/21/07 - 20:40

i know what it means though

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