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new download gallery and video picture gallery!

If you haven't yet noticed, there is a new menu containing random images. This is part of pvcsnathan's rct new gallery designed for you to easily upload your pictures and videos. Although we still have that pesky 10mb file size limit, the gallery is very usable with a generous amount of storage space for each user (25mb). This limit will be raised if necessary. Please feel free to upload as many pictures and videos as you desire and enjoy the new gallery.

pvcsnathan's rct would like to thank you for your continuing support. You can help support us by supporting our host Your donation to them is very much appreciated and will help keep us online.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send a pm, post in the forum, or use the contact form.

I have also added a gallery of downloads for you to peruse. This new feature allows you to see the download's picture before you even click on it.
posted by pvcsnathan in Dev/Bugs on 06/03/07 - 03:17 | Comments: 3 | printer friendly LAN_NEWS_24


RAZGRIZ10000 on 06/04/07 - 18:21

You wan t to get rid of me then this site would lose activity and you'd get alot less uploads

pvcsnathan on 06/04/07 - 18:27

You're waaay too serious about stuff.

RAZGRIZ10000 on 06/04/07 - 18:38


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