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New arcade and gold system betas

The arcade has been introduced once again for your enjoyment. The gold system has also been implemented.

The current setup is as follows:
Starting Gold 500
Chatbox +10
Forum New Thread +50
Forum Reply +25
Comments +10
Referrer +100
News Submission +250
Link Submission +100
New Arcade Score +100
Downloads Cost -0

New All Time Champion +100
Beat Personal Best +50
Amount Earned Per Play +10
Cost to Play Game -150

If you signed in a few days ago you got 1000 gold to start with, but since there isn't too much for you to spend gold on I decided I should cut back some. I'll let you keep the extra gold since whoever got it visits regularly. I'll not mess with the rates for a while to see how it works. If it doesn't work out correctly I will change stuff up of course.

Please note that the gold system isn't implemented completely right now. You will be able to view how much gold you have both in the forum and in your profile whenever I get around to fixing it. Other than that, there shouldn't be any problems. If there are please report them.
posted by pvcsnathan in Dev/Bugs on 06/21/07 - 18:12 | Comments: 5 | printer friendly LAN_NEWS_24


RAZGRIZ10000 on 06/21/07 - 20:42

I don't think there should be a cost to play a game as some games won't record a score at all such as one I spent 1500 Gold on Defend your Castle.

pvcsnathan on 06/21/07 - 20:45

If there isn't a cost to play a game there isn't a point in having gold since there won't be any deductions.

Make a note of all the games that don't give gold and I'll make a note of it in their description.

RAZGRIZ10000 on 06/21/07 - 20:48

Mad Monkey banana thing


Defend Your Castle


Tatical Sniper

are the only ones I know of currently but I bet Tanks dose'nt

pvcsnathan on 06/21/07 - 20:50

I want to encourage people to post more so having games not give gold is a good idea. If they don't get gold for playing they have to make it up elsewhere.

RAZGRIZ10000 on 06/21/07 - 20:52


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