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pvcsnathan's rct 2 Year Anniversary Competition

In honor of our two year anniversary we are going to have a competition. The object of this competition will be to create (in RCT3 of course) a park that contains a coaster that meets or exceeds the following criteria:

10 or greater excitement rating.
At least 3000 feet of track.
Maximum of 70 mile per hour.
Adequate balance of scenery and excitement to make a "real thriller."
Use as much custom scenery as you like. Be sure to list it (along with download links) in your submission.
Have a reference to pvcsnathan's rct in the ride or park. This could be a billboard with the site logo or a roller coaster shaped like something on the site or anything else you can come up with.
The park and coaster must be your original work. If you try to submit someone else's work as your own you will be disqualified and an appropriate amount of gold will be subtracted.
Please include a few pictures or a video of your work along with the ride or saved game file. If you want to do a video and it's over 10mb send me a pm and I'll give you an email address to send it to.

The following awards will be given out based on what the judges think:
Best Overall Coaster (coaster has an excellent balance of everything) = 100,000g and featured on front page
Most Thrilling Coaster (coaster has high excitement and is a peep pleaser while still maintaining low intensity and nauseau ratings) = 50,000g
Most Beautiful Coaster (coaster includes great theming and has great colors but is lacking in other areas) = 25,000g
Less Than Thrilling Coaster (coaster doesn't meet or exceed the requirements) = 5,000g (given to each participant that doesn't get another award)

Entries are due August 31, 2007.

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