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Admin/Mod positions available

Due to the recent introduction of , administrator and moderator positions have been made available. If we think you are up to the grade, we will ask you to join the staff. Remember, the worst thing you can do is ask to be a staff member, so please try to avoid that.

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posted by pvcsnathan in Misc on 10/18/07 - 19:03 | Comments: 7 | printer friendly LAN_NEWS_24


RAZGRIZ10000 on 10/19/07 - 15:35

Ban stick was revoked and broke. When thy tried to use it on Jeff

pvcsnathan on 10/19/07 - 22:31

Those positions are still available for anyone interested.

RAZGRIZ10000 on 10/21/07 - 15:29

someone get rid of this stupid banned custom title

RAZGRIZ10000 on 10/21/07 - 19:18


RAZGRIZ10000 on 11/11/07 - 11:10

Well howcome when I asked I became one?

pvcsnathan on 11/11/07 - 11:58

Would you not like to be one?

RAZGRIZ10000 on 11/12/07 - 15:29

I'm fine

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