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Mega Lag Park
Author pvcsnathan
Author email pvcsnathan
Author website
Description Ok, here is the first park that is up for download. It's a park that I did on my integrated graphics chip (intel media accelerator 900). I was getting about 2-5 fps on that. Now I have a GeForce 6600GT on which I get 5-10 fps. I've noticed that this park is very cpu intensive (has over 3000 peeps...haven't flushed out for my 1ofakind peeps yet) and very "laggy". This park is guaranteed to bring any computer to its knees. 20000 peeps and trees will do a much better job, though.
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 286.46 kB
Date Monday, July 31, 2006 - 09:30am
Downloads 737
 4.0 - 2 votes 


RAZGRIZ10000 on 01/16/07 - 15:52

you know i'm gonna download this to see how good my comp really is

cs88 on 02/11/07 - 20:15

you're crazy man, CRAZY

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