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RCT3 Parks

21000 Peeps
Author pvcsnathan
Description Ok, here's the second park that is up for download. It's a park with 21000 peeps and has a bunch of trees and all of the generic flat rides. This park does not require an expansion pack. This is the blank park from Frontier which had all the peeps. I get an average of 1 fps.
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 6.44 MB
Date Monday, July 31, 2006 - 09:34am
Downloads 809
 7.0 - 2 votes 


taylor on 10/22/06 - 20:03

is it laggey

taylor on 10/22/06 - 20:05

ok looking at file size YES IT IS WHOA

pvcsnathan on 11/25/06 - 23:31

Of course it lags. The 21000 peeps cause all of the "laggage."

taylor on 11/27/06 - 21:04

well MY computer is not a super computer like yours

RAZGRIZ10000 on 01/16/07 - 15:54

what those are my commets why dose it say talor posted them

pvcsnathan on 01/21/07 - 00:12

Because I had to change some user ids around when the forum was switched from phpbb2 to e107 to preserve the user names on there. I'm not willing to spend hours going through the database to change each and every entry, so what I have done so far will have to do.

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