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arcade, thanking posts, and robot
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Mon Jun 12, 2006 09:46pm
"Hello, Domo!"

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The arcade has been removed because I could no longer get it to work. I don't understand why it quit working all of a sudden and I couldn't fix it so I removed it. It wasn't getting used very much anyway so it is not big loss.

I broke the robot yesterday when I was playing around with the language files (yes, I tried to add some more languages). I finally got around to fixing it today. I still don't know what happened. Another issue with the robot has been fixed. There will now be a five second delay after a reply so she doesn't post before you do. I am also working on making it where she shows up as online all of the time since in reality she is.

Also, we have a new feature in beta called "Thank You." There is a button that appears at the top and bottom of each topic that you can click on to thank the topic author for making the topic or something. I am not sure what it does exactly so I'll try it out on cs88 first. So cs88, if you find anything in your pm box pertaining to this please forward it to me. Please remember that you can only thank a topic once and you can only thank topics that are made by other people.
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