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Development of new forum, downloads, and hosting...
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Tue Oct 24, 2006 10:04pm
"Hello, Domo!"

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Downloads and Hosting...Do you want your RCT downloads permanently hosted somewhere? You've come to the right place. All you have to do is send them to me. Although the preferred way to get the files to me is by registering here and using the uploader, you can email them to me or attach them to a post in the forum(email is listed on the contact page) if you prefer.

We are also looking for a hosting solution. As most of you know, this site is running from my home Internet connection. This in turn makes the site both very slow and somewhat prone to downtime due to my dynamic IP address changing randomly and various server problems (mostly fixed **knocks on wood**). This website also affects the functioning of my Internet browsing. Half the time, I can't even bring up a page due to someone downloading something off of here. If I set restrictions on the download speed, there will be many complaints, so I am not willing to do that either. I haven't really bothered with looking into paid hosting solutions since I promised I would never have any advertising (advertising would be needed to cover the cost of hosting) on this site. I haven't considered a "free" host because last time I used one of those the admin closed all site on the server without proper notice (he sent out an email stating servcice would stop in 15 days but it really stopped at the beginning of the month--just five days away. Luckily I had a backup of everything, so no harm was done.) I will continue to host from my home pc for as long as needed. If you would like to donate hosting or know of a good hosting solution, please contact me.

Thanks for your continued support,


Development of updated forum started...I have started work on a new and improved version of the forums. Hopefully, all of the little quirks will be ironed out. Here is the list of the expected improvements/new features:

* Fully operational Cindy robot
* Sub forums mod
* Improved registration
* New skin
* Removal of delapidated blog system (due to the hundreds of spam messages it receives each day I will probably remove it)
* Various other things
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