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Update for 2/17/2006
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Fri Feb 17, 2006 11:52pm
"Hello, Domo!"

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Things I have accomplished today:

  1. Updated Park/Ride Exchange pages for easier viewing by those with screen resolutions of less than 1280x1024.
  2. Finished updating the RCT1, 2, and 3 pages.
  3. Attempted to change server over to Linux. Unsuccessful because I couldn't get Server Side Includes to work. I guess I'll try again tomorrow.
  4. Ensured that proper credit is given to authors of programs in download section.
  5. Attempted to fix the server's "crashing problem."

Please note that the site may be off and on for the next few days (depends on how much I want to mess with Ubuntu).

Oh, and one more thing. The official site font is "Comic Sans MS." If you do not have this font installed on your system, your experience with the site may not be so good since your system will revert to some other font which the background and tables are not designed to work with.

If you would like to submit a ride or park to the ride exchange please feel free to do so. If you would like to include pictures and details about yourself it would be wise to put your picture(s) and park(s) and/or ride(s) on these forums as attachments. Please post in the appropriate forum. Once submitted by you, I will put it on the ride exchange so other can download it. Btw, does anybody know of a good, free file database that will allow anybody to upload stuff to it and put it up for download without the admin having to do anything? If you do please tell me about it.
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