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Broken Laptop...oh noooos!

The hard drive is dying on my laptop so I am making a backup of everything right now (the time remaining on the file transfers is rising instead of falling).

I contacted Dell earlier today and they will be sending out a new hard drive, new keyboard, and new rubber sticky pad things for me to install. A technician will also be sent out in a few days to replace the back of the lcd cover to restore it to its original condition of not being loose.

For now, I don't have a computer that is capable of running RCT3, so there won't be any new screenshots or updates until my laptop is fixed unless someone else wants to pitch in some screenshots for the downloads section. Update coming soon.

UPDATE: This problem has still not been resolved. Please see my blog post about the incident for more details.
posted by pvcsnathan in Misc on 02/27/07 - 22:06 | Comments: 7 | printer friendly create pdf of this news item


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