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Current Parks in the Works...

RCT1 Park:
  • Maxfreak's Thrill Forest (Incomplete)- A park centered around a small lake. -more info-

RCT3 Parks:
  • Theme Park Inc.'s Big Kahuna (Complete)- A compact water park that features four waterslides, several pools, and various other water rides. -more info- | -download-
  • Theme Park Inc.'s Vanilla Hills (Incomplete)- A park razzy has been working on again. -more info-
  • Theme Park Inc.'s Thrills Over Houston (Incomplete)- -more info-
  • pvcsnathan's Ultimate Beach Resort (Incomplete)- The ultimate getaway that will feature pools and, of course, beaches. There's also a nice volcano. -more info-

I would also like everyone to welcome the RCT themed emoticons. I finally got around to making the last few (I only made two or three of these) to make them ready for every day use. Enjoy!

Note: This newspost has been moved to the forum.
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