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Tutorial :: How to Optimize Frames Per Second

Step 1-
On the main menu click options.

Step 2-
In the window that comes up press the eye icon.

Step 3-
Put a check by Show LOD options.

Step 4-
Adjust the LOD options to your liking. Just as a note I had everything maxed out on my integrated graphics and got pretty good performance. This may be the same with your computer.

Step 5-
Now mess with some of the other options. Turning off reflections, shadows, and show trees off map usually help a bunch performance-wise. Turning on simple terrain textures also helps with older video cards. Please note that if you don't have expansion packs this may not look like yours.

Step 6-
Turning off refraction and laser occlusion also helps. Please note that the game will autodetect settings if you click the Auto Detect button.

Step 7-
Under advanced settings you can choose some preset configurations.

Step 8-
Under screen resolution you can change the resolution the game uses (lower is not always better). 1024x768 is a pretty good resolution for those with low-end to mid-range video cards.

For those wondering, turning Geometry Imposter Distance all the way up will improve the quality of scenery and other things when they are viewed from a distance.
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