News Item: Goodbye Gold System--Hello Coaster Cash CoasterBeans!
(Category: Misc)
Posted by pvcsnathan
Saturday, July 28, 2007 - 03:50pm

Here are the new rates for Coaster Cash CoasterBeans:

Starting cb: 100
Chatbox: 5
Forum New Thread: 20
Forum Reply: 15
Comments: 10
Referrer (see that link in the top of your profile? get people to sign up using that and you get cb): 50
News Submission: Disabled due to abuse
Link Submission: 20
Downloads Cost: 0
Name Colorize: 5000
Custom Title: 2500
Modify Names: Disabled
Signature: 1000
Avatar: 500

New Arcade Score: 5
New All Time Champion: 100
Beat Personal Best: 10
Amount Earned Per Play: 5
Cost to Play Game: 25

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